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Professional Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer, Emcee will be the host of this very exciting segment!




Tech Rehearsal:

Who qualifies: Any Salsa Advanced Professional or anyone who is a part of a Semi-Professional or Professional Dance Company.



1. TBD
2. TBD
3. TBD
4. TBD

Competition Details:

A couple must consist of male and female
All salsa styles are welcomed
Routine should be between 2 mins – 4mins maximum
Trick and lifts are allowed but please don’t go crazy
All judges decisions are final
Costumes are required
80% of routine must be salsa
Tech rehearsal is optional but recommended
Registration fee is non-refundable
Competition fee is separate from any other congress fees
This is pro. Semi-pro competition. Please make sure you have the right skill level
Schedule format is subject to change at any time. Check our website periodically

If more then 6 couples register, there will be a free style round where the judges will pick 6 couples to move to the finals. In the final, there will be a warm-up Salsa song where all couples will dance at the same time, anything goes in the warm-up song6 couples will then perform their own routine to the music of their choice and the judges will award placements 1-6 based on that performance. Winners will be announced as soon as the results are available that same evening

Judging Criteria:

1. Timing
2. Technique
3. Execution of the choreography
4. Costuming & grooming
5. How couple relates to each other, audience, and the judges

You must fill out the form below and pay the registration fee in order to be in the competition. To register, submit ALL of the following information via email to ADE KONGI at :

Partner 1
Full Name:
Full Address:
Partner 2
Full Name:
Full Address:
City you are representing:
Studio/instructor you are representing (if any):

Pro salsa competition is subject to change or cancellation without prior notice